Corporate Legal Services
    Business Start-up Advice, Company formation and lending agreements. Partnership agreements, Organizational documents such as articles of incorporation, Premises - lease or buy, Terms and Conditions of Trading and Employment contracts are some of the legal services Rick Yartz provides to the corporate community. Rick Yartz has provided legal services to Houston's business community since 1984.

    Personal Legal Services
    Rick Yartz can assist individuals with House Purchase/sales, Remortgages, Wills and estate planning, Family Business Arrangements and contract resolution.He offers a full range of services designed to meet the needs of our personal clients. From disputes to estate planning he has the experience to offer you the solutions to all of your legal problems.

    Community Legal Services
    Rick Yartz works with our local community groups, trusts and charities who need access to independant legal advice from time to time for incorporation, acquiring property, constitutional reasons and general matters. He prides himself in providing a pro-active and convenient service with a flexible fee structure.

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